Planning, developing, organizing and marketing of tourism

You are going to learn professional English about planning, developing, organizing and marketing of tourism.The texts ans practical exercises help to increase your vocabulary to be fluent in this topic.

The topic consists of three parts:

  • At first you will get to know about planning of tourism
  • Then you can read more about developing and organizing of tourism.
  • After that you will get some practice in marketing and promoting.
  • You can also find here exercises where you can get real and practice what you have learned. Doing these exercises helps you to get more fluent in using the new vocabulary
  • The GET REAL exercises which are connected give you a possibility to use the learnt vocabulary in practice and after finishing the course you are able to read, listen and talk about this topic.
  • Every part of this topic gives you additional vocabulary as well which is useful in tourism business and helps you to plan, develop and organize your tourism object in the real life.
Every part of this topic has lots of practical exercises, listening and reading tasks and crosswords for practicing your vocabulary. At the end of the topic you can find a dictionary of useful words and phrases.
Enjoy your studies!


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