Techniques of stitches

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Read the text about techniques of stitches! In the following text you can learn about the topic connected with stitches.
You will get the task about it from your teacher.

Allolevast tekstist saad juurde õppida tikkimispistetega seotut.

Loetu kohta saad ülesande õpetajalt.

iDevice ikoon Tekst

Materials and tools:

  • Fabrics: woollen, cotton, linen
  • Yarns: floss, iris yarn, pearl yarn, linen yarn, silk yarn, lanate embroidery thread
  • Needles: embroiderer's needles and pins
  • Pincushion
  • Embroidery frame
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Thimble

One row stitches:

  • Running stitch
  • Backstitch
  • Sterm stitch
  • Chain stitch


Running stitch

Embroidered from right to left






Embroidered from right to left or from topp to bottom, consists from stitches in row without empty spaces.





Stem stitch or rope stitch

Embroidered from left to right or away from oneself.





Chain stitch

The direction of embroidery is from afar towards oneself.
Every followed stitch starts from inside the previous stitch, it is similar to row of chain loop of crochet.






Two-rows stitches:

  • Cross stitch
  • Herringbone stitch
  • Bottonhole stitch

Cross stitch

Cross stitch is formed by two equal lengh crossing stitches: from nether and topmost.
Nether stitches are embroidered from left to right.
Topmost stitches are embroidered with backwards row in the opposite direction.



Herringbone stitch

Embroidered from left to right.






Buttonhole stitch

Embroidered direction is from left to right, needle dorection from afar towards oneself.






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