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Read some texts about making embroidery.

Find the learned vocabulary and acquaint yourself with the techniques.

Hand embroidery begins with a few basic stitches. Once these stitches are mastered, it’s very easy to move into other specific embroidery techniques. Here, you can see diagrams of different stitches, with an explanation of how to execute them. The stitches are categorized by “stitch families” – for example, outline stitches, chain stitches, detached stitches, knots, filling stitches, etc. Each “family” has its own page. For more complex forms of stitchery, I suggest purchasing a good book, but for the basics, you can pick them up pretty easily here.

Käsitsi tikkimise alustamiseks on vaja osata mõnda põhilist tikkimispistet. Kui aga pisted on omandatud, siis on kerge õppida erinevaid tikkimistehnikaid. Allolevatelt linkidelt on võimalik vaadata erilisi tikkimistehnikaid, samuti näha ja lugeda selgitusi, kuidas pisteid teha. Pisted on jaotatud alarühmadesse ehk "pistete perekondadesse" ning iga alarühma esitlemiseks on oma lehekülg.

Reading texts about:

1st – embroidery stitches

2nd – basic embroidery stitches

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